Training Services

We are not just trainers

We offer a complete suite of services to complement companies’ unique needs.

Our goal is assisting our clients to further develop their organizations through increasing productivity and profitability.

Technical Skills Training (Still in progress)

Industry Specific Technical Courses: – Construction – Marine – General

AJSPL Training coordination arm strives to offer a global approach to provide a comprehensive range of courses by skilled and competent trainers and mentors of world-class standard to various organisations and industries’ unique needs, from the lowest level of basic skilled blue collar workers to middle level executives and managerial personnel to the top notch professionals, directors and CEOs.We offer quality employee and management business training programs from a wide variety of training producers. Our aim is to facilitate companies in the complex task of developing and maintaining competitive advantage, ensuring growth and survival in the global market through customized design and delivery of the highest standards of professional training courses and seminars.


We are innovative in our approach researching the needs of clients and thoroughly ensuring an in-depth understanding of their training and business needs. Programs and seminars appropriate to the specific context and culture of the organization are considered, designed and then delivered. To provide leadership and management programs for corporates and government bodies. To provide hard skills training to blue collar workers, we tie-up with local training agencies or training centres to ensure customized local and company specific needs. Our associate trainers consist of professional associates and support personnel on an as-needed basis.