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We are a Singapore based company with international influence. Our team is managed by experienced professionals who are experts in their respective industries.

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Maid Services


Our foreign domestic helpers are equipped with the relevant skills needed to provide the best in caregiving for both the young and aged.

Employment Services


Our manpower placement service provides clients with capable and skilled individuals to maximise work efficiency and save on costs. We make sure that we have candidates for all industries – from computers to manufacturing.

Maid Training


We call our training services Lifelong Journeys. Our helpers are trained in-house before deployed. Learning Journeys includes Taking Public Transport, Top Up MRT cards, Understanding Household Products, even the correct technique for taking steps ie Trailing Hand Technique.

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AJSPL Global, your premier Maid Agency, believes that if good personal hygiene is not adopted while preparing food, people eating such food may come down with illness Below is part of our Good Habit series that we will be disseminating periodically. #maid #agency #maidagency #safe......

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